2015 Mothers Day Message from Mrs. Lordina Dramani Mahama

First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Lordina Dramani Mahama, has congratulated Ghanaian mothers on the occasion of this year’s Mothers Day (May 10).

Like previous years, the First Lady encouraged women to continue to be the proud African mother that is prepared to sacrifice their personal comfort for the benefit of
their children.

Mothers, she noted, have special places in the hearts of their children. “This treasured mothers love has been time tested, and reflects the undying desire for a
mother to carry all the burdens of her children, and wiping their tears with her smiles.”

Mrs. Mahama, who is the President of the Lordina Foundation, urged women not to allow the exigencies of today’s busy world and challenging demands of work to discourage and push them to abandon the role of a mother and being there for their children.